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I’m a happy girl :)

I’m super happy today!  And I probably shouldn’t be this happy since I have two exams later and one tomorrow.  But after that hubby and I are going to Busch Gardens for the weekend!  He calls it my pre-birthday weekend extravaganza, haha.   He’s so amazing, on Friday night he’s booked us the Presidential Suite at a hotel about an hour away from Busch Gardens and then we’ll drive there Saturday morning, spend the day there and then spend the night in a hotel near there.  And we’re also going to go out to a nice romantic dinner Saturday night. So excited!   Its going to be the perfect getaway, especially after these last two crazy weeks (which is why I haven’t posted at all)  But that’s about it, I guess I had better go cram in some last minute studying!  Ughhh…

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There are some days when I seriously wish I could just run away and move back in with my husband. I hate school and I hate living so far away from him.

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So tired…

For the past few days I’ve been exhausted, sick with a cold and nauseous :( But I haven’t been sleeping well.  And of course on the night before the morning I have to wake up super early.. I can’t sleep.  Oh well.  Ohio tomorrow.  Be back Sunday :)

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How is it that I’m completely exhausted yet I can’t seem to sleep. And I have to wake up at 8:45 for classes tomorrow.  I guess the only good thing is its the last day before Easter break.  Today wasn’t too exciting.  Woke up at 12, went to campus to find out my one class was cancelled then went and got my eyebrows done.  Then helped momma make dinner, went on a walk with her and the pup and then went and ran errands with her.  I ended the day by watching Dance Moms and chatting with the hubby.  Now that its almost 1:30am.. I’m going to bed!